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The information contained in all publications for sale are the property of Supply Chain Security, Inc. (SCS). No part of any of these publications may be reproduced or translated beyond that described in sections 107 or 108 of the 1976 United States Copyright Act except by the original purchaser for use in connection with the maintenance of company records or manual preparation.


All text and electronic forms and derivatives of all publications developed by Supply Chain Security, Inc. (SCS) are registered to a specific licensee ("original purchaser"). If you are in possession of any printed or electronic text version of these publications and you are not a registered licensee, you are in violation of federal copyright laws and may be subject to substantial penalties.

Your Purchase does not transfer ownership of any part of these publications to you or your company.

Conditions Of Use

The information contained in these publications are original or derived from other printed and electronic text materials developed by Supply Chain Security, Inc. (SCS). The information contained in these publications are designed to provide accurate and authoritative information regarding the subjects addressed. Supply Chain Security, Inc. (SCS) is not engaged in the rendering of any legal advice, nor other professional advice beyond its scope and level of expertise.


Licensee is granted the right to alter, redesign and reproduce any or all parts of these publications for its sole use in providing in-house manual creation and training programs for all of its present subsidiaries. This license does not entitle the licensee to limited, partial or sole ownership of the material or its copyright. Any other use of this publication is strictly prohibited by applicable codes and laws of state and federal jurisdiction.

Licensee agrees to hold harmless Supply Chain Security, Inc. (SCS) its officers, employees and agents from all claims, except of gross negligence or of willful misconduct by the party or their agents, employees or independent contractors. This agreement extends to the information contained in this publication and all training and consulting services conducted in conjunction with these publications.

This license is issued by Supply Chain Security, Inc. (SCS), the holder of the copyright under which this publication's copyright is registered. Receipt of these publication indicates agreement with all terms and conditions as described.

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