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Customized Courses

We can customize any of our courses using your company name, logo, graphics and management messages. We put your company face on our course so that your employees know the learning material is presented to them by company management. We work closely with your representative to get it just they way you want it and then……

  • We either load the course in a private portal on SCS e-Campus or
  • Design a portal on SCS e-Campus just for your company

If you have your own LMS - we can load SCS standard courses or a customize courses on your LMS.

Whatever your choice…..our well researched and professionally written courses coupled with your company’s logo and messages is a successful combination. Read more about the Features and Benefits of Customized Courses.

Here are some features and benefits of Customized e-learning Courses

  • Personalized with your company logo
  • Course text modified to include your specific needs
  • Course graphics can be modified to include graphics you provide
  • All courses are SCORM Compliant, can be published on your private portal on SCS e-Campus or published on you own LMS
  • Individual on-line registration
  • Some courses can be presented in English, Spanish and German

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