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Our Clients

Supply Chain Security, Inc. (SCS) specializes in providing the supply chain solutions that can help your company implement a comprehensive company-wide C-TPAT program that will meet The Bureau of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) requirements. Solutions for our partial list of clients below include C-TPAT Compliance Manuals, a series of C-TPAT e-Learning courses, individual Client Surveys for their key customers, and a full range of Consulting Services in either English or Spanish.

Client List (partial)

  • arrowActivair
  • arrowAhresty Wilmington Corporation
  • arrowAmeriJet International, Inc.
  • arrowBridgestone Americas
  • arrowChina Shipping North America
  • arrowCOSCO North America
  • arrowCupid Foundations, Inc.
  • arrowDel Monte Fresh Produce
  • arrowDHL / Danzas
  • arrowDole Ocean Carrier Express
  • arrowEvergreen Americas
  • arrowFletes y Transportes
  • arrowHamburg Sud
  • arrowHiblow USA
  • arrowHonda of America
  • arrowInterglobo Group (IG)
  • arrowKimberly-Clark
  • arrowKnight Transportation
  • arrowLeroy Somer
  • arrowLP Apparel Group
  • arrowMeritor WABCO
  • arrowMichael's Cartage, Inc.
  • arrowMOEN
  • arrowNankai Express Co., LTD
  • arrowNYK Line
  • arrowNYK Logistics & Megacarrier
  • arrowNSCSA
  • arrowOBN Security Consultants
  • arrowPhoenix Intl. Freight Services
  • arrowSchenker USA
  • arrowStandard Fruit Company
  • arrowSyngenta Crop Protection
  • arrowTranscontainer USA
  • arrowTSA/Department of Homeland Security
  • arrowU.S. Lines
  • arrowUnigreen Marine / Panama
  • arrowUnited Arab Shipping


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Customer Comments

"Great job SCS, our employees feel comfortable in their
knowledge of C-TPAT. Your courses are an excellent way
to cover a lot of material over a large employee
population all over the world. It’s so easy to track the
training results with your e-Learning courses."

“Just to let you know that I have received your C-TPAT
Importers manual in good order. My first impression is
pretty simple; well done! It's extremely well put together
and comprehensive.”


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